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Our Ultimate Goal is to Drive Targeted Prospects to Your Finish Line! Lead Generation Software

Our Drive-Prospects Marketing Automation System is a Game Changer!

Through the Local-Connect System, your business quickly converts website visitors into customers.

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Driving Targeted

Attract New Prospects and
Turn them into Loyal Customers

The speed by which you respond to your online visitors creates trust, builds integrity, and keeps current customers satisfied. Local-Connect System

Reliable Support
and Expertise

Imagine having FREE access to experts that understand how to attract YOUR target market. Our experts are committed to completely understanding your goals. That understanding will give them the know-how to create the very best marketing strategy for your business. With a Drive-Prospects customized marketing strategy in hand, all that is needed is your professional touch at the wheel to seal the deal! Local-Connect System

Automated Customer
Relations System

Automation is critical to building online trust, and lasting relationships with new and current customers. Email messaging still is a great way to communicate with your target market. However, statistics show that an instant and personal response to your customer’s actions on your website is a powerful accelerated approach to driving prospects to your finish line! Local-Connect System

Professional and
Positive Online Presence

Establishing a professional and positive online presence can be a tedious task. Let’s not forget that the Internet is ever-evolving. provides a way for your business to stay up-to-date with the latest marketing strategies and techniques to keep your online presence running like a well-oiled machine.


Turn Your Website Prospects into Loyal Customers!​ Converts
Your Website Visitors into INSTANT Leads.

Our Software INSTANTLY
Rings Your Visitors’ Cell Phones!

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