Step 1:

A soon-to-be customer from your website clicks your Local Connect button displayed on your web page.

Cell-Content Lead Generation Software

Step 2:


A popup box appears, or


Your prospect is directed to a form page on your website, and

your soon-to-be customer submits his/her cell number.

Step 3:


Your Local Connect System AUTOMATICALLY connects your website visitor with your representative in SECONDS!

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Step 4:

Your representative now has a QUALIFIED PROSPECT that has the highest potential to turn into a loyal customer.

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Why Use Local Connect for Your Promotional Campaigns?

It’s Arguably the Most Powerful Way to Build Strong Relationships and Loyal Customers!

Speak With Your Consultant TODAY!

  • We realize your needs and goals are unique; no two businesses are the same, right? With that said, your representative will consult with you free-of-charge to better understand your marketing goals.

  • Your representative will share effective marketing strategies you can use with your Local Connect Phone Number(s).

Local Connect Features and Benefits

Hassle Free, Easy Setup

  • After your free consultation, we’ll set up your promotional campaign(s) for you so you can maintain your focus on your business.

  • Setup is fast! You could have your Local Connect System up and running the very next day.
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Instantly Connect With Your Website and Social Media Prospects

  • Our call forward feature provides a way for you to connect with your prospects no matter where you or your representatives are located.
  • Activate the Email and/or SMS feature to instantly receive messages to your email and mobile number.
  • Whether you choose to activate all or some of the features above, your Local Connect System alerts you and lets you know a valuable prospect is trying to reach you.

Track Marketing Efficiency

  • Track Campaign Efficiency with Local Phone Numbers that attract loyal-local customers.

  • Most consumers want to support local businesses.

  • You can utilize an unlimited number of local tracking phone numbers for a multitude of marketing campaigns and testing.

INSTANTLY Know Which Campaign or Web Page has Produced an Interested Prospect

  • Remember, when a prospect dials one of your local-connect numbers, the caller is forwarded to the phone number(s) of your choice. Lead Generation Software
  • The representative that answers first receives a quick message letting him/her know what campaign the prospect responded to.
  • Your representative is then connected to the call, and will know why your prospect is calling to quickly assume the sale.

  • This is a great feature if you have two or more campaigns going on at the same time or if you are performing a test to determine which campaign is receiving a greater response. 

Target Prospects in Another City/State

Driving Targeted Prospects to your finish line
  • Target prospects in another city or state but appear local by using our local-connect phone number(s) to give you that local presence.

When your prospects call one of
your local-connect phone numbers:

  • They will be forwarded to the phone number/representative of your choice.

  • Calls can be forwarded to a single number, multiple numbers, all at once, or multiple numbers in sequential order.

Record Calls for Quality Control and Training Purposes

  • Want to know how well your agents are representing your business? You can enable our call recording feature.

  • When one of your agents answers a call through our system, the call can be recorded for quality control and training purposes.

  • Call recordings are accessible daily and upon immediate request if necessary.

Prevent SPAM Phone Calls

  • Prevent spam phone calls from infiltrating your system and wasting your precious time.

  • Normally spam calls are automated, recorded sales messages. Therefore, our connection prompt feature requires your phone callers to press a number before being connected to you.

  • Recorded calls are unable to respond to the connection prompt. Therefore, no recorded sales calls are able to get through to you or your agents.

Respond to Ready-to-Buy Prospects FASTER Than Your Competition!

(This feature can truly be a game-changer for your business.)

  • When a prospect takes the time to fill out a form on your website, more than likely you have a HOT lead that is ready to buy! You don’t want to lose that Ready-to-Buy Prospect to your competition because you did not respond in a timely manner.

  • Our Online Form Submission Alert feature will let you know by phone AND by email that someone has just filled out a form on your website.

  • The phone call you receive will prompt you to press 1 if you want to immediately speak with your HOT lead. If you choose not to, then your prospect is sent to your voicemail. Lead Generation Software


Digital Marketing Services Features and Benefits
  • Of course, our local-connect phone system has a voicemail feature you can turn on or off as well.

Building a firm foundation of trust and familiarity should be the cornerstone of your sales and marketing strategy. Consumers tend to connect to locally owned businesses before considering one outside of their community. Although your main office may be out of a local area of interest, our local-connect-dialing technology establishes you as a local presence.