How Our Local Connect System
Drives Prospects to Your Finish Line!

Building a firm foundation of trust and familiarity should be the cornerstone of your sales and marketing strategy. Consumers have a tendency to connect to locally owned business before considering one outside of the community. Although your main office may be out of a local area of interest, our local-presence-dialing technology establishes you as a local presence.

Create a Strong Social Presence
With Local Connect Technology!

Arguably the Most Powerful Way to Build Strong Relatonships and Loyal Customers

Create Localized Dialing Campaigns

Prospects always feel more inclined to respond if they see something familiar. That’s why we use local area codes when creating your personalized campaign, increasing the response rate of your potential clients.

Optimize Your Sales Team

Give your sales team the tools to be impressively effective. We’ve seen companies increase their productivity by 66% a day with our voicemail drop system, reaching more clients, faster, and increasing your outbound call volume.

Personalized Return Calls

Have calls from your clients automatically routed back to the representative that called them. This eliminates the use of in-house call routing and allows you to connect with your customers more efficiently.

How Does It Work?

Most people don’t like to be interrupted by random phone calls throughout the day, which is why we take your personalized voice message and send it straight to your contact’s voicemail. This creates a stronger relationships and intrigue with your customer base, resulting in immediate responses.

  • Choose your target area
  • Provide your personalized list of clients or allow us to create one for you.
  • Returned calls are automatically routed to the appropriate agent. 
  • Personalized messages are dropped into your prospects' voicemail without ringing their cell phones.
  • Record your personalized voice mail message.

The Benefits of Our Local Connect Services sets the standard when it comes to dynamic relationship management. We know you want to increase efficiency while keeping operation costs low. Our goal is to get you off and running to the races as safely as possible which means providing economical marketing options that make you stand out from the competition. Not only is our system a great solution for the business owner with a large operation, but it also is excellent for the entrepreneur who wants to refine the use of their own time to realize their dream.

  • Targeted Marketing

    Create a more personalized campaign by creating different messages for returning customers as well as targeted geographical locations.

  • Cost Efficient

    A ringless voicemail drop is a more efficient communication solution compared to paying an employee to call each person on your list individually.

  • Personalized Touch

    A personalized message in your voice is far more inviting than a voiceless email or direct mail campaign.

  • Non-Disruptive

    Your contacts will appreciate your message that is sent immediately to their voicemail rather than a disruptive call.

  • Contact Reliability

    Cell numbers are a more reliable messaging solution compared to email address that can easily change.

  • High Response Rate

    Your prospects are more accustomed to throwing away promotional mail and deleting an email ad before they read it. However, statistically, your rate of response goes up with voice messaging, because most of your prospects will listen to your personal voicemail before deleting it.

Optional Services

  • Contact Reliability

    Cell numbers are a more reliable messaging solution compared to email address that can easily change.

Past Customers and Referral Follow-up Calls - These calls are designed to help you with customer retention and lead generation. 

Accessible Management Reports - Get up-to-date data analytics on your offerings through our management reports. They’re accessible anywhere at anytime to dertermine the effecitveness of your campaigns.

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